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Gary Shelton

As a business coach, I bring a wealth of firsthand entrepreneurial experience to the table. I have successfully completed business acquisitions, a merger, and even formed a joint venture with Coca Cola. Furthermore, I have launched multiple startups and generated over $500 million in business revenue. What sets me apart is my authentic approach. I refuse to make excuses for failure, and my journey as a Black man raised by my grandmother in public housing fuels my drive. Despite facing challenges, I started my first business in college and achieved my first million by the age of 25. My authenticity shines through in everything I do, and I believe that everyone possesses unique talents. I have numerous customer testimonials that attest to the impact I’ve made, and one client even commissioned a portrait of me, recognizing my dedication to educating, inspiring, and elevating others. With me as your coach, you’ll gain from my expertise, wisdom, and the transformative impact I have on lives – solidifying a lasting legacy.

Mary Struzinsky

Mary brings to her clients over 30 years of clinical experience in both private and corporate behavioral health settings. She has combined this with her business and administrative experience as a national agency State and Executive Director to create STAR City Life Coaching, LLC. She is an accomplished speaker, sharing her corporate drop out story and transition to entrepreneur, after developing serious health issues due to stress.

Mary has helped hundreds of women gain clarity about their purpose, align their life with their values, and make radical shifts in their mindset, feelings, and self-image. Mary’s clients have earned well deserved promotions, transition in to different careers, and create greater peace and work life harmony.

Gregg Jackson

Gregg is dynamic, engaging, motivation and fun! He’s over the top generous in sharing the secrets for how the most successfuo and biggest blockbusters in the industry have been able to happen… and how his audience can benefit immediately for their own product development needs.

Judy Weintraub

Having served as legal counsel for many small businesses, run multiple businesses myself and helped over a hundred business owners get their books written and published, I know the challenges business owners and professionals face, and the significant benefits they can experience when they become published authors. In my podcast interview, I can provide a number of valuable tips to help your audience members get their books written and published.

Desi-Ann Gordon

Desi-Ann Gordon has helped women start and operate successful virtual assistant businesses. Using her 12-step roadmap, Desi-Ann provides VAs with the tools and knowledge they need to enjoy more freedom, flexibility and family time. Her mission is to educate more women about the VA industry and to show them that they can enjoy a fulfilling life as Virtual Assistants.

Dan Janal

Dan’s enthusiastic style and great story telling captivates every audience. He shares terrific stories and simple tips to make every day on the pickleball court a wonderful adventure. His motto is, “If I improve one skill or meet one new person, then it’s been a good day.”

Barbara Ellison

I have been a podcast host for over 21/2 years. I have interviewed hundreds of people on my shows and have been a guest on countless other podcasts. An audience can learn how to move their Mindset to Mindflow which will open their life to ease and flow.

Katelyn Silva

I’ve published eleven books, four of them bestsellers, over the last several years. Some of them were published while I was working full-time and attending college classes, and others while homeschooling my children and working through a toddler and an infant. I know first-hand what it’s like to struggle with doubts, put dreams on the back burner, have a book flop, and what it takes to have a book truly stand out. I’ve worked with clients around the world in a wide range of genres and I’ve been through significant life struggles. I’m not afraid to help guide and draw the difficult aspects of any story out and onto the page. I can help listeners gain the confidence to start writing their book and publish it to bestseller.


With high gas prices and increased living expenses it’s not as easy to afford BIG vacations as it once was. Add in Covid anxiety and other fears about travel such as transportation delays, cancellations and overbooking nightmares, more people are looking for things to do and experience closer to home. I offer three surprise tips to create unforgettable staycations that will work for any age group.