Gary Shelton

Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Potential: Ignite, Innovate, Impact.

Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Potential: Ignite, Innovate, Impact.

About me

As a business coach, I bring a wealth of firsthand entrepreneurial experience to the table. I have successfully completed business acquisitions, a merger, and even formed a joint venture with Coca Cola. Furthermore, I have launched multiple startups and generated over $500 million in business revenue. What sets me apart is my authentic approach. I refuse to make excuses for failure, and my journey as a Black man raised by my grandmother in public housing fuels my drive. Despite facing challenges, I started my first business in college and achieved my first million by the age of 25. My authenticity shines through in everything I do, and I believe that everyone possesses unique talents. I have numerous customer testimonials that attest to the impact I’ve made, and one client even commissioned a portrait of me, recognizing my dedication to educating, inspiring, and elevating others. With me as your coach, you’ll gain from my expertise, wisdom, and the transformative impact I have on lives – solidifying a lasting legacy.

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How to access to business capital

Topic 2

How to build business credit

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Resiliency in business

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Suggested Questions

Could you share your insights on the first steps an entrepreneur should take when looking for business capital?

How do you identify the right type of funding for your business venture?

Can you talk about some common mistakes entrepreneurs make when raising capital, and how to avoid them?

What are some creative ways to raise capital that might be overlooked by new entrepreneurs?

What are some effective strategies for building business credit from scratch?

How can a business use credit strategically for growth and expansion?

How did your upbringing and personal circumstances influence your resiliency in business?

What strategies do you suggest for maintaining resilience during challenging business periods?

Can you provide some advice for entrepreneurs on bouncing back from business failures?

My Biography

Gary O. Shelton’s late maternal grandfather, Lexington E. Sanders, died when Gary was only four years old and inspired him to become an entrepreneur. Lexington and his brother, Eugene R. Sanders, were landowners in the Jim Crow South, built and operated a funeral home, grocery store, and motel in Monticello Georgia. They also built the community center which has done much commendable work with the youth in Jasper County, resulting in the street Sanders HTS being named in his honor.

Gary is passionate about coaching small business owners and real estate entrepreneurs to help them get their businesses to the next level. Gary acquired his first business when he was a senior in college. After selling it and seeing the benefits in buying a business over starting one, he caught the business buying bug. Since then, Gary has completed several acquisitions, a merger, several startups, and helped entrepreneurs all over the USA grow their businesses.

Also, Gary has completed over 450 buy, fix, and flip real estate transactions, with his business partner, Herb Strather,  over $2B in income property transactions, coached over 2,000 developers, and created 69 millionaires.

Currently, Gary is leading the following businesses:

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), EZ Financial Group, LLC: Helps real estate entrepreneurs and small business owners get their business set up the right way to meet lender and credit issuer approval requirements and provides access to working capital

Co-Chairman, Strather Academy: Real estate developers teaching the next generation of urban developers

CEO, With Ownership Wealth, Inc: A movement to reduce the racial wealth gap


Raised over $5 million with crowdfunding for the first Obama/Biden Campaign

Acquired Source One Communications, a long-distance reseller, merged with Lightcom International, the only Black-American owned facilities-based telephone company in America, and grew revenue to over $70 million, providing telephone service to the Department of Defense, the White House, and Camp David

Co-Founder, Mortgage America: Sold it to Ocwen Financial

Acquired E3 Engineering, and became a Tier 1 supplier to General Motors, Ford, And Chrysler. Increased annual revenue from $8 million to $20 million in one year

Developed Evergreen Estates Apartments (Renamed Renaissance Village Apartments) 350 units, Detroit Michigan

Provided investment advice and strategic planning consulting to The Lewis Company for the $1 billion acquisition of the Beatrice Companies

Provided strategic planning consulting to Don Barden the first Black-American to own a Las Vegas casino and the first to own a major cable TV franchise

Co-Founder, Teeze: Won contract to provide design, marketing, and fulfillment services to the Michigan State Lottery. Negotiated licensing
agreements with Lamborghini and General Motors to design custom logo tshirts, caps, leather jackets, polo shirts, sweatshirts, and pants. Then sold apparel to car dealership service stores, Kmart, and Macy’s

While still in his twenties: investment advisor to pension funds and credit unions

At age 21 acquired Global Health, a health food store and restaurant located in Tucson Arizona and sold to European investors for $1.5 million

Member of the Harvest Institute and Strategic Advisor to Claud Anderson Ph.D., author of Black Labor White Wealth, and Powernomics

You can also read more about Gary at Digital Journal Press Release and Formidable Men Magazine.

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