Desi-Ann Gordon

Helping women enjoy more freedom, flexibility and family time

Helping women enjoy more freedom, flexibility and family time

About me

Desi-Ann Gordon has helped women start and operate successful virtual assistant businesses. Using her 12-step roadmap, Desi-Ann provides VAs with the tools and knowledge they need to enjoy more freedom, flexibility and family time. Her mission is to educate more women about the VA industry and to show them that they can enjoy a fulfilling life as Virtual Assistants.
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My Biography

Desi-Ann Gordon is the founder of Caribbean Virtual Assistants, an online course creation and management agency in the Caribbean. Caribbean Virtual Assistants supports course creators, coaches, consultants, authors, trainers and service providers who want to package their expertise into a profitable online course. They help take you from topic to launch.

Desi-Ann, fondly called The VA Mom, is also a Virtual Assistant Coach and Trainer. She guides aspiring and experienced Virtual Assistants using her 12-step roadmap. Her passion is to help women develop a winner’s mindset and realize their business dreams. Through her coaching and training, Desi-Ann helps her clients to develop a growth mindset, unleash their niche, price their services, and much more. For more information about her training and coaching, visit The Successful VA Academy, the home for VAs.

In 2008, when she found out she was going to have her first child, Desi-Ann got the mummy urges. She wanted to be home to experience every moment of her daughter’s life. She was determined to start a home-based business so she could enjoy more freedom, flexibility, and family time. However, it was only in 2017, that her dream became a reality.

Desi-Ann shares her story with women to encourage them to focus on their dreams, and not give up. She is a living testimony that persistence pays off and that dreams do come through. 

Desi-Ann also connects Virtual Assistants with clients through her matchmaking services. So if you’re a business owner in need of an extra pair of hands, give  Desi-Ann a call. 

During her downtime, you could find Desi-Ann spending time with her husband and two children. She also enjoys playing board games and solving crossword puzzles.