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With high gas prices and increased living expenses it’s not as easy to afford BIG vacations as it once was. Add in Covid anxiety and other fears about travel such as transportation delays, cancellations and overbooking nightmares, more people are looking for things to do and experience closer to home. I offer three surprise tips to create unforgettable staycations that will work for any age group.
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What is an Urban Adventure and how important are they?

How can an Urban Adventure increase happiness in your living situation?

Why do we tend to undervalue what is right before us and how can we turn that around?

Tell us some of the BIG benefits of going on Urban Adventures?

What are some tips for planning an Urban Adventure that will make it more exciting and meaningful?

How can becoming an active Urban Adventurer make you a more responsible citizen?

Why should you take advantage of local tax spending on city parks and programs?

Share some of the free resources to planning a great Urban Adventure.

Tell us about your offer to download a free guide to creating your local Adventure Bucket List?

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Patty Grasher is the author of the latest local guide to Explore Vancouver Washington. As a nun for many years in a Catholic Monastery she ran a full 24 hour AM radio station as well as published Catholic bestsellers, created and ran a popular website all while living within a one city block. This experience she has channeled into helping others discover the value of seeking out what is near at hand to create greater satisfaction in life as well as energize you to do big things from home.