Dan Janal

"If I improve one skill or make a new friend, then it's been a great day at the pickleball court!"

“If I improve one skill or make a new friend, then it’s been a great day at the pickleball court!”

About me

Dan’s enthusiastic style and great story telling captivates every audience. He shares terrific stories and simple tips to make every day on the pickleball court a wonderful adventure. His motto is, “If I improve one skill or meet one new person, then it’s been a good day.”
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Topic 1

How New Players Can Have Fun Playing Pickleball

Topic 2

The Unwritten Rules for Success at Pickleball

Topic 3

Getting the Most from a Coaching Session

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Suggested Questions

Why are people afraid to play pickleball?

How can people feel comfortable at their first open play?

What are the unwritten rules for success in pickleball that every beginning player needs to know?

How can people find a good pickleball coach and how can they get the most out of a session?

Beyond a paddle, what equipment do I need? What do I need to look cool?

Should I play with people who are way better than I am? What's the etiquette for playing with people who are so much better than you are?

Where are the best places to play?

How can I find other new players to play with?

How can I keep a positive attitude when I'm losing every game?

My Biography

Remember how nervous you were at the first day of high school? That’s how Dan Janal felt when he went to his first open play for pickleball.

He discovered that many other newbies were more concerned with how to fit in and not look stupid than with hitting the ball over the net.

So he decided to write the ultimate book for newbies so they would feel as comfortable making new friends as they were with winning points.

“Pickleball for Everyone” is the 14th book Dan has written. It is full of useful advice from everyday players as well as tips from America’s best coaches and top players.

Dan’s been playing pickleball for more than a year and is a low intermediate player. So he knows what it feels like to be the worst player on the court — and still have fun and make friends.

When you book Dan as a guest on your podcast, you’ll be attracting new listeners who want to go from beginner to intermediate fast. Your listeners will thank you for helping them become one of the cool kids.