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Jay Williams

I remember being just seven years old and my heart breaking as tears rolled down from my eyes.
I was sat watching my favourite Animal Planet documentary on Africa, and on screen was a mother elephant with her throat cut, tusks removed and her baby standing over her.
In that moment I made a decision, that one day I would make a difference in the world, but I had no idea what that would look like. At the same time, there was this nagging voice in my head asking: “Who are you to believe you can change the world?” A question I would continue to wrestle with throughout my life.
Growing up in a small village in North Wales, I lived on the edge of a valley where fast jets were always practising their low level flying. After watching a pilot documentary of how they trained and after visiting an Air Force camp, I began to dream of becoming a pilot.
I was called to be more, and despite the pull to conform to the norms, I rebelled and years later joined the Royal Air Force. But sadly, it wasn’t to become a pilot, I settled for what was comfortable and was too scared to even take the test.
Toward the end of my nine years in the military, I was spending my days at a desk bored out of my mind, while at night I entertained large crowds as a professional DJ which made me feel alive. Unlike my day job, it was energising and what I loved most was that at the push of the button, it didn’t matter what people were going through, I could change their lives for a moment.
I dreamed of playing in huge venues or big music festivals and soon, gave my notice and left the safety of a long safe career in the military to go to Ibiza and DJ—that was until I met a friend who was making a lot of money with high ticket affiliate marketing and convinced me to give it a try… it looked easy. I thought this could be a brilliant way to finance my travel around the world as a DJ, so I was in.
I threw myself into business, determined to make it work, but then along came a girl. And so I said goodbye to my DJ dream once more and justified it by saying “I am in love”—again, holding myself back from pursuing a dream.
This theme continued as I struggled through my journey in business. While I was busy buying programs, learning
and gathering more and more business information, strategies and tactics, I was actually hiding behind them to avoid facing the REAL fears holding me back from making great money, having an impact and doing what I was meant to do.
I was helping others so THEY could have an impact, when I needed to face the same in myself. I was listening to my head instead of my heart. What I really wanted was to be that guy—the pilot, the DJ, the Coach with massive impact. Then out of nowhere, like a gift from the Universe, I stumbled across a video from this guy who was like a Mindset Yoda for seven and eight-figure entrepreneurs. Feeling stuck, frustrated and knowing I couldn’t do it anymore, I paid $48,500—money I did not have—to work one-to-one with him.
It was life changing.
He took me through a new framework that helped me see my blind spots. He gave me simple, step-by-step tools to eliminate fear of failure, judgement, rejection, doubts, frustrations, procrastination and every single money block that was keeping me stuck.
As a result, not only did I build two, six-figure businesses, I was equipped with the tools and the CONFIDENCE to be able to declare what I want and know with absolute certainty I could bring it to life. No matter what was going on in the outside world, I felt fully in control of my internal world.
It was like I had invented my own genie lamp!
The best part of finally listening to my heart and overcoming my inner blocks, was the tremendous impact I began to have on thousands of business owners.
It’s now my passion and purpose to help coaches conquer their own self-doubt, worry and blocks that are holding them back, so they, too, can be UNSTOPPABLE—leading to massive business growth, income and impact in their client’s lives.

Shari Guess

Shari Guess is on a mission to spread awareness about a common and underreported allergy that could potentially affect 40% or more of the worldwide population: metal hypersensitivity. This is a Type IV systemic allergy that can cause a wide range of symptoms, including chronic fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, and more, yet it is often misdiagnosed or overlooked by medical professionals. Metal hypersensitivity often demands lifestyle modifications in diet, surgery and personal environments.
The results and improvements to health are often drastic and immediate, yet, many healthcare practitioners do not have this on their radar!

As someone who has experienced the debilitating effects of metal allergies firsthand, Shari is passionate about educating the general public and healthcare professionals alike on the importance of recognizing and testing for this condition. She knows that many people may have encountered a reaction to metal in the past, whether it be from jewelry, a watchband, or snaps on their jeans, but may not realize the potential implications for their medical profile and healthcare directives.

Through her podcast, Heavily Metalled, Shari shares her own personal journey with metal allergies and interviews experts in the field to provide valuable insights and resources for patients and medical professionals. She believes that by increasing awareness and understanding of metal hypersensitivity, many people can find relief from chronic symptoms and avoid unnecessary medical interventions.

Shari would love to bring this often life-changing information to your podcast tribe!

David Mendes

David Mendes has interviewed close to 150 guests on the Papa PhD podcast over three years, and has distilled from all these conversations core lessons about how PhDs impact the social and economic world around them, about how employers outside academia view the PhD candidate profile, and about how graduates are blazing their trails in the academic and non-academic job market. Having honed his listening and interviewing skills as the host of Papa PhD, David leverages them as a guest with naturality and a congenial presence.

Cindy Burns

I don’t just help the widowed with their grief. I also work with them to find their new purpose. When your spouse dies, they take your plans for the future with them. Finding that reason to get out of bed in the morning gives your life purpose and meaning.

Justin Johnson

Justin Johnson is a Jersey born and raised poet, writer and author. Goes by the stage name Johnson Soldout has 2 poems published in Genre Urban Arts Magazine, self-published his debut poetry book Scattered on Amazon and has been a headliner in multiple NJ/NY showcases! When he’s not writing poems you can catch Johnson at the gym, playing a board game or loafing around in a park or beach.

Carolyn Choate

I have a knack for explaining sales funnels in a way that gives an audience an “ah ha.” Many people have heard the word but don’t know what it means and the explanations are all hyped up and full of buzz words.

I clearly explain what a funnel is, how it works, and why every online business needs (at least) one!

Susie Ross

Suse can talk about all kinds of themes from relationships and personal awareness to writing to her experiences teaching sex ed.

Laura Dowling

To gain insight on how to tap into what makes people thrive; how to leverage talent, be intentional with personal mastery so that you and your people can be well to perform well.