Laura Dowling

Your performance is about who you are; be well to perform well


To gain insight on how to tap into what makes people thrive; how to leverage talent, be intentional with personal mastery so that you and your people can be well to perform well.


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Leadership and the art of listening.

Be well to perform well; combining strengths and wellbeing at work

EQ and managing change and transitions

From high performance sport to high performance work

From comfort to courage; living out your values during times of change

Suggested QUESTIONS:

How can leaders listen to what their people are not saying?

What does wellbeing have to do with high performance?

Why is it important for leaders to have career development conversations?

How do personal and organizational values impact performance?

What does emotional intelligence have to do with managing change?

Going deeper. What are 3 questions every leader should ask themselves and their teams?

How do athletes transfer their skills from sport to business to life?

Why is it important to goal-set "through" your goals?

What are some tools to create better overall wellbeing in my life?

How does knowing one's strengths influence their career development?