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Katelyn Silva

I’ve published eleven books, four of them bestsellers, over the last several years. Some of them were published while I was working full-time and attending college classes, and others while homeschooling my children and working through a toddler and an infant. I know first-hand what it’s like to struggle with doubts, put dreams on the back burner, have a book flop, and what it takes to have a book truly stand out. I’ve worked with clients around the world in a wide range of genres and I’ve been through significant life struggles. I’m not afraid to help guide and draw the difficult aspects of any story out and onto the page. I can help listeners gain the confidence to start writing their book and publish it to bestseller.

Susan O’Connor

here is why a podcast should book me and what an audience can learn from me

Riak Riak

A ghostwriter just looks at “How well is this specific story done?” An editor just looks at “How well would this specific story sell?” What makes me different from traditional editors or ghostwriters is that I wanna teach you things about storytelling that you will carry over into other stories you write in the future.