Topic: wellness

Shari Guess

Shari Guess is on a mission to spread awareness about a common and underreported allergy that could potentially affect 40% or more of the worldwide population: metal hypersensitivity. This is a Type IV systemic allergy that can cause a wide range of symptoms, including chronic fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, and more, yet it is often misdiagnosed or overlooked by medical professionals. Metal hypersensitivity often demands lifestyle modifications in diet, surgery and personal environments.
The results and improvements to health are often drastic and immediate, yet, many healthcare practitioners do not have this on their radar!

As someone who has experienced the debilitating effects of metal allergies firsthand, Shari is passionate about educating the general public and healthcare professionals alike on the importance of recognizing and testing for this condition. She knows that many people may have encountered a reaction to metal in the past, whether it be from jewelry, a watchband, or snaps on their jeans, but may not realize the potential implications for their medical profile and healthcare directives.

Through her podcast, Heavily Metalled, Shari shares her own personal journey with metal allergies and interviews experts in the field to provide valuable insights and resources for patients and medical professionals. She believes that by increasing awareness and understanding of metal hypersensitivity, many people can find relief from chronic symptoms and avoid unnecessary medical interventions.

Shari would love to bring this often life-changing information to your podcast tribe!

Dan Janal

Dan’s enthusiastic style and great story telling captivates every audience. He shares terrific stories and simple tips to make every day on the pickleball court a wonderful adventure. His motto is, “If I improve one skill or meet one new person, then it’s been a good day.”