Mukesh Shah

Job Seekers Success Is My Goal.

I guarantee success and commit to do all the resumes till they get a job. I don’t guarantee a job. Job offers depends on many factors, but I will do all the resume till one get a job. It’s my commitment no one does it.

It’s not for everyone. It’s for pros willing to adopt new ways when things are not working.

I developed innovative resume elements and use them to get job aspirant success. Standard resume are not working.

If you are not getting responses to your job applications I am your guy to get you success. I will show how I do things and if you like we can go ahead.

I promise you can get a job in WEEKS not MONTHS.

I am not opening it for all because a Job is a personal life goal. My interest is pros success. I will talk, understand, and then decide on pors targets. It’s conversation.

If interested

Send me an email at [email protected]
your current resume, and tell,
1. What type of job you aspire.
2. Your experience, and
3. Your LinkedIn profile URL

I will tell how I differentiate you. You will take my service because of my innovative resume elements and commitment.