Mukesh Shah

Get a job by telling your story.


Job Seekers Success Is My Goal. I guarantee success and commit to do all the resumes till they get a job. I don't guarantee a job. Job offers depends on many factors, but I will do all the resume till one get a job. It's my commitment no one does it. It's not for everyone. It's for pros willing to adopt new ways when things are not working. I developed innovative resume elements and use them to get job aspirant success. Standard resume are not working. If you are not getting responses to your job applications I am your guy to get you success. I will show how I do things and if you like we can go ahead. I promise you can get a job in WEEKS not MONTHS. I am not opening it for all because a Job is a personal life goal. My interest is pros success. I will talk, understand, and then decide on pors targets. It's conversation. If interested Send me an email at [email protected] your current resume, and tell, 1. What type of job you aspire. 2. Your experience, and 3. Your LinkedIn profile URL I will tell how I differentiate you. You will take my service because of my innovative resume elements and commitment.


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Job getting success factors

Why Pros Fail in getting a job

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Q. 1 to 5 are general: Q. 1. What inspired you to become what you are?

What made you fall in love with it?

Where does it tests you and where does it reward you?

The finest moment of your career so far. And

What are you best at and want to tell it others?

Q. 6 to 10 are about pros work. Q. 6. What you did best and recognized.

Changes you made, the methods you created liked by others.

Increase or decrease in results, output. Quantify your results.

Tell something interesting about that experience.

Any nickname was given to you, comments from colleagues, bosses.