Topic: business

Gary Shelton

As a business coach, I bring a wealth of firsthand entrepreneurial experience to the table. I have successfully completed business acquisitions, a merger, and even formed a joint venture with Coca Cola. Furthermore, I have launched multiple startups and generated over $500 million in business revenue. What sets me apart is my authentic approach. I refuse to make excuses for failure, and my journey as a Black man raised by my grandmother in public housing fuels my drive. Despite facing challenges, I started my first business in college and achieved my first million by the age of 25. My authenticity shines through in everything I do, and I believe that everyone possesses unique talents. I have numerous customer testimonials that attest to the impact I’ve made, and one client even commissioned a portrait of me, recognizing my dedication to educating, inspiring, and elevating others. With me as your coach, you’ll gain from my expertise, wisdom, and the transformative impact I have on lives – solidifying a lasting legacy.