John Jarman

With no memory of his childhood till the age of twelve, John Jarman had no conscious way to overcome the unknown pain in his past. When his adult life crumbled around him, he finally reached out for professional help, both emotionally and spiritually. Over the next ten years, this inner work lead John to places he—and his counselor—would never have expected.

As John moved closer to God in the process,
the storm hit harder than ever, taking him to his knees.

Discover how John got up and, by the grace of God, walked through the storm of his life and strengthened his faith through completely surrendering to his Heavenly Father. As John learned and shares in this book, trusting God and becoming vulnerable are the only way to true freedom.

In Broken and Redeemed, John Jarman shares a story of beautiful, authentic brokenness that rests in the redemption only found in God.

Your audience can learn how faith in Christ can change their life. Also, they can learn about mental illness and how to overcome the stigma of this. They can also learn how being vulnerable is ok, and how it helps you grow in Christ. Lastly, they will understand how self-examination leads to freedom.