Francesca Elisabetta Owens

Francesca Elisabetta, a Bronx born New Yorker, chooses the La Dolce Vita life with her then 5 year old daughter, Antonia. Fifteen years later she is loved by the hilltop village of Spoleto Italy. In 2016, the comune of Spoleto chose Francesca ELisabetta to be their official guest appearing on Italy’s longest running Travel TV show “Sereno Variabile“ with Italy’s beloved host Osvaldo Bevilacqua.
Through all of life’s ups and downs, Francesca Elisabetta had her 2nd heart surgery in Rome, seen her 5 year graduate the Italian school system to become a student at a prestigious small town mid west college in Ohio.
She reconnected with her lost Italian family and has become grammatically dangerously at speaking Italian.
So how does one go from being an illegal immigrant, to permission of stay to citizenship? Invite this lively grandmother on and you will learn.