Laureen Giulian

Laureen Giulian is a woman of deep faith. It has led her to discover the spiritual skills within herself that led to healing multiple traumatic illnesses and taught her to view life through her heart-mind. Her mission is one of a facilitator, spiritual guide and healing conduit for others who seek more than a 3D experience.

Laureen Giulian will lead you and your listeners into a world of words that evoke a sense of wonder and power, allowing you to discover aspects of yourself that you didn’t know existed! Having always been in love with language and the art of writing, Laureen has discovered a way to raise awareness of our intuitive and spiritual natures through story-telling. Her gift for creating a picture with more than words takes the reader on a journey to inner knowing through the exercise of building relationships with Mother Earth and the worlds of plant and animal species.

Through her stories, Ms. Giulian aspires to shine a light on traumas perpetrated upon members of the human species and aid in bringing all humans into harmonic resonance through joint healing. Laureen’s deep faith and spiritual practices have helped others to find their own paths through some common practices.

In her new book, Moon of Change, Ms. Giulian takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery and Indigenous cultural exploration.