MariMikel Potter

MariMikel Potter, with her profound experience as a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), Licensed Midwife (LM), and RN-BSN, encapsulates the essence of childbirth wisdom in her book, The Book of Birth. Her approach, deeply rooted in professional practice and personal journey, is distilled into the “Sevenfold Approach to Your Ideal Perfect Conception Pregnancy and Birth,” underscoring nourishment, hydration, movement, emotional/spiritual well-being, knowledge, rest, and joy. This holistic strategy is not just about achieving a healthy birth; it’s a blueprint for enriching the journey of pregnancy with informed choices and vibrant health.

MariMikel’s rich background—having attended over 3000 births and maintaining stellar safety statistics—highlights her expertise and the trust she has earned within the medical community. Her career is a testament to the value of midwifery, showcasing a blend of medical knowledge and a deep, empathetic connection to the spiritual and emotional facets of childbirth. Her narrative also delves into the importance of conscious conception, aiming for a journey that’s as informed and mindful as it is natural and empowering.
MariMikel’s love for sharing knowledge through stories would resonate with audiences, offering both practical advice and profound insights into the transformative journey of childbirth. Her approach not only encourages a healthier pregnancy and birth but also fosters a deeper connection between parents and their children, emphasizing the joy and spiritual fulfillment that can accompany the birthing process.