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- 10+ years of experience with SEO (Specialist) - Co-Founded and sold two companies at the age of 21 - Independent consultant profiting $100k/yr since 2018 - Build several sites for passive income via Ads/Aff Mkt. - Recorded my 1st Podcast on 2012


Yuri Moreno is an expat from Brazil, living in San Francisco, CA, and working as an Independent Consultant.

Around 2011, Yuri started working as an SEO Analyst, and later on that company he would become Head of Media and partner.

He built and sold two companies in Brazil (a marketing agency and front-end studio) and moved to the US to become a product marketing professional focusing on SaaS and consumer applications.

He is the author of the book: SEO for Non -SEO People (https://www.seofornonseopeople.com/)

You can find out more about him and his work on https://yurimoreno.com


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