Talia Dashow


I'm articulate, smart, funny, and have a great smile and laugh. I like to share personal stories of transformation and change, and turn them into life lessons people can take away. I'm always happy to share tips on how people can quiet the gremlins in their heads, and how to stop equating discomfort with catastrophe. Your audience's success is on the other side of their fear and discomfort - let's get them there!


Talia Dashow coaches people on overcoming procrastination, and using creativity as a means to grow. She hosts a weekly Creativity Club where people can experience becoming more flexible and confident through playing creativity games. Talia’s philosophy is that we all need practice in being perfectly imperfect, so we can grow our capacity to show up and increase our problem-solving skills through activities that one cannot do wrong. She has been coaching since 2001, using creativity to help people learn, heal, and love themselves. Talia has earned a BA in English at UC Berkeley, a certificate as a mediator, and a certificate to facilitate Lego Serious Play.

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How to Stop Procrastinating

Curbing Imposter Syndrome

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Suggested QUESTIONS:

What are the biggest reasons people procrastinate?

What is your top tip to help people stop procrastinating?

What other suggestions do you have to deal with obstacles to productivity?

What are gremlins, and what are they doing in our heads?

How long have you felt imposter syndrome / self-doubt?

Why is creativity such a big part of your work?

Can you share some creativity games with us?