Starnanda Price

Wisdom Healer & Teacher


I was born with the gift of being a Healer! The last 22yrs learning more about healings. Now a Reiki & Quantum Touch healer! I love to research and find the true cause of pain, inflammation, aging, obesity, brain disorders, poor behavior, and of course Chronic fatigue and Autoimmune Disease! I have learned why people cannot keep the weight off! That was me! Now I have kept my weight down for over 3 years! I had a 30yr. old leg muscle injury, with pain that keept coming back every night. Now it no longer comes back! I learned it is possible to invert anger and have peace again in the relationship! Those Clients saw and felt a huge improvement in less than one hour! Chronic Fatigue reduced by half in 2 hrs. for one 78 yr. old man, with major stress. Who had been taking three, 2 hours of naps daily! with just One Virtual Frequency session!..... 50 yr. old lady 100 lbs. overweight, Very High Blood pressure, She lived in So. California and I live in No. California, had only one Virtual Frequency & Healing session. Then went to doctor later that week. He said This is the lowest Blood Pressure in over20yrs!.... Man in 50s bad heart Live in Wi. I live in No. California, He had a Virtual Frequency Clearing & Healing session, When looking at the screen I saw the issue fungus! Clicked to clear, plus send a healing. He Felt better within minutes!.....Now I have taken this method and put it into groups that are across the country, that are all working on the same problem. Like Chronic Fatigue, and if the people are are positive believers, plus understand that Everything and Everyone are all connected! Frequency energy is in everything! Example a nose will have a different frequency than your ear. etc. A healthy lung frequency will have a different frequency of an unhealthy lung! The bigger the difference, the bigger the problem! ...What is very important is that if you do nothing to improve your life, these problems of the body mind and emotions and relationships, will keep coming back! It is vital to find the deep root cause of the problem. Each week I will coach the group in ways of getting back to full health and vitality! So much that they feel Decades younger! Yes, I will continue to also do the Virtual Frequency Clearings & Healings for everyone! My plans are for offering my top 10 favorite courses withing a year! 1. Pain & Inflammation 2. Chronic Fatigue & Aging 3. Keep the Weight off! +Back to Health & Vitality 4.Gut & Parasites & Auto Immune Disease Secrets! 5. Enhance your Brain in all areas! Memory, Comprehension, Clarity, coordination large & small. plus more. 6.Emotions & Behaviors 7. Relationships 8. Heart, Lung, Thyroid, Gut Connection 9.Liver, Kidney, Urinary 10. Stop food cravings


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