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The Computer Exorcist that does housecall password therapy sessions too!

Podcasts should book Shane Anciso, “The Computer Exorcist,” as a guest for his unrivaled expertise in exorcising digital demons, offering unique perspectives on technology troubles, and his engaging communication style that captivates listeners. With a deep understanding of the hidden forces behind tech glitches and haunted hardware, Anciso brings valuable insights to the podcast’s audience. As a subject matter expert with a holistic approach, he promises to deliver thought-provoking discussions, ensuring a seamless and enriching listening experience. His established online presence and storytelling abilities add promotional value, making him an impactful and relevant guest for any tech-themed podcast.

Suggested Topics

Topic 1

Unraveling the Secrets of Technology Troubles – As “The Computer Exorcist,” I will delve into the ethereal aspects of technology and share my expertise in identifying and exorcising digital demons. Listeners will gain practical insights to troubleshoot an

Topic 2

Embracing a Holistic Approach to Technology Exorcism – I discuss my unique holistic approach to technology exorcism, focusing on identifying root causes rather than superficial fixes. Listeners will learn how to combat persistent tech disruptions effectiv

Topic 3

Storytelling the Haunted Hardware: Real Cases, Real Solutions – Through compelling storytelling, I recount real-life cases of haunted hardware and the solutions I employed to restore functionality. Listeners will be captivated by these narratives while ga

Topic 5

Navigating Tech Trends: Staying Ahead of the Supernatural Curve – I explore emerging tech trends and potential supernatural challenges they may bring. Listeners will gain valuable foresight into the future of technology, equipping them to adapt proactivel

Topic 4

Empowering Users: DIY Techniques for Digital Demons – I share step-by-step DIY techniques for detecting and exorcising common digital demons like malware and glitches. Listeners will feel empowered to take control of their devices, safeguard their data, a

Suggested Questions

Question 1

Could you share with our audience your journey into becoming “The Computer Exorcist” and what motivated you to specialize in identifying and exorcising digital demons?

Question 2

As a subject matter expert in technology exorcism, what are some common signs that our listeners should look out for to identify if their devices might be haunted by malicious forces?

Question 3

Your holistic approach to technology exorcism is intriguing. Could you elaborate on how you go beyond mere surface-level fixes and focus on addressing the root causes of digital disruptions?

Question 4

In your experience, could you share one of the most challenging cases you encountered and how you successfully exorcised the digital demon to restore harmony?

Question 5

Many of our listeners are tech-savvy but might face minor tech glitches regularly. What are some DIY techniques or preventive measures they can employ to ward off common digital disturbances?

Question 6

You’ve shared fascinating stories of haunted hardware in your previous interviews. Could you tell our audience about another notable case and the lessons we can draw from it?

Question 7

The technology landscape is constantly evolving. How do you stay ahead of the curve and anticipate potential supernatural challenges that new tech trends might bring?

Question 8

Your website, www.secretsimple.me, offers valuable resources for tech enthusiasts. Could you tell our listeners about one of the most popular guides or articles they can find on your platform?

Question 9

As “The Computer Exorcist,” what are some key aspects you believe users should consider when purchasing and setting up new devices to minimize future tech-related disturbances?

Question 10

How do you approach educating individuals and businesses about the importance of maintaining a harmonious relationship with their technology, and what impact does it have on their overall productivity and digital well-being?

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Over 2,000 computer repair clients have used Shane since 2007 to extend the life of their Mac or PC when it starts to run slow.

He Is never without clients thanks to his commitment to connecting people in his spare time across dozens of meetup groups and networking events every month.

Shane is currently living a single bachelor lifestyle that affords him flexibility to enjoy  life, take care of his vehicle transporting take no prisoners mom, support two congregations weekly in multiple roles, present weekly Biblical teachings, and is looking to mingle with the intent to find a wife one day who will support his productive lifestyle, work, and ministry.

When Shane is not casting demons out of people’s computers you will find him traveling, ministering to men out of addiction, collaborating with charitable causes, and living out his Messianic faith.