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Blessing Children From the Womb and Beyond

Every parent wants their child to be happy and healthy-physically, mentally and emotionally. We worry that they may get into trouble, make life-altering mistakes or get hurt. These things might cause them untold pain, causing them to turn to drugs, alcohol or anti-depressants to get relief from the pain. We do our best, but often wonder, “Are we doing enough?” With our Prayers and Blessings for “The Unborn child” and the “Newborn to 99” albums, we want to answer the questions every child has of “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” When a child knows they have a purpose and a destiny, and that they are not an accident or a mistake, nor is there anything wrong with them, then they will not believe the lies that would enslave them and they would be better equipped to face life’s challenges and difficulties.
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Suggested Topics

Topic 1

Can Unborn Babies really learn and know things in the womb? And if so, what effect would that have on them?

Topic 3

What causes addictions and mental torment and how can we break them?.

Topic 5

Utilizing time in the womb to help prepare our babies for real life and how to be successful.

Topic 2

How to Protect Your Child from traps

Topic 4

Why do adopted children almost always want to find their birth mothers?

Suggested Questions

Question 1

What are you selling and why?

Question 3

Is there scientific research that backs this up?

Question 5

How are you selling the product?

Question 2

How did you come up with this idea?

Question 4

How are your customers using your product?

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