Sally Gimon

The secret of the rich, is for everyone


80% of Americans are carrying at least $92,000 in debt. Many do not have plan, to pay it off, save for retirement and are worried. Infinite Banking has been around for 178 years and most people have never heard of it.


Sally Marie Gimon has been a licensed life insurance agent for 18 years and specializes in Infinite Banking. She helps clients become debt free in ⅓ of the time in comparison to how they were taught to pay their bills. Infinite Banking is a highly sophisticated, specialized insurance product that is the secret of the rich and U.S. Banks for the past 178 years. It has been used by Walt Disney, Ray Kroc and President Biden. Sally specifically helps her clients get out of debt, senior citizens make their retirement savings go farther and recycle their money over and over. Sally Marie Gimon holds a weekly mastermind for her Real Estate group that reaches over 800 investors. She has been a featured speaker for BadA$$ Women in Business, Investing for Success and Automate and Create Summit.

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