Audiences walk away with a greater understanding of what it takes to achieve a successful business, build it correctly from the beginning, or if you have been in business for awhile, to know how to fix your foundation, to make sure you have built your business so that it is highly profitable, scalable, and sale-able. Most entrepreneurs aren't aware of the 5 things they should be concentrating on in their business and as a result are attempting a lot of tactics, in a non-strategic manner. I show them what those 5 areas are, a proven 'conversation equation' to make all of their marketing more effective, and when and how to use both tactics and strategies. In short, I show them how to create a highly profitable, successful, sale-able business.


International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Profit Acceleration and Exit Strategy Specialist Regina Partain Bergman, CEO of Bridgeport Strategy, host of Pursuing Profit with Principles podcast and e360TV show, helps transform businesses, both online and offline, and local economies, while helping entrepreneurs realize their vision of impacting lives and changing the world. Her signature program, Go Beyond 6 Figures helps business owners create 6 figures and above in net profit! Regina understands the challenges faced by small business owners. After building a business to $4+ million in annual revenue only to see it crash with the 2008/2009 economic downturn, Regina has a passion to see that small business owners get the assistance and resources they need to be successful and to thrive. One of Regina’s superpowers is helping entrepreneurs overcome the overwhelm and fear that keeps them from stepping up and making a difference in the world. To assist with this, she provides them with an individualized roadmap to success for their business. As demonstrated by her International Best-Selling Book, “Bulletproof Your Marriage”, Regina also has a passion for helping families. Knowing the stress that entrepreneurs are under who are struggling in their business, she works to help them create a profitable business, alleviating that stress, which allows for better communication and less stress in the home, thus creating a positive generational impact. Her personal motto is “Save a Business- Save a Marriage”.

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