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I provide a very unique perspective in the field of personal development, self-help, leadership, business & career, life coaching, results and performance coaching. What I am saying is a human being has no problems, challenges or obstacles in life they only thin they have problems and spend their whole life fixing non-existent problems. We are living in extraordinary times. The pandemic started two years back and is continuing, we don't know when and how it's going to end. People's suffering around the world has increased due to stress, burnout, fear, dissatisfaction, and uncertainty. There is bad news in the economic front as well many businesses and corporations are closing down. People are leaving their jobs and are feeling the results of the economy. Governments, organizations, businesses, and people are unable to cope with this new turbulent and uncertain times. The old solutions from experts and gurus are not working anymore. The future is uncertain. We need drastically different, revolutionary solutions to coping with the present and future uncertain times. Transformational success formula coaching is based on the 7000-year-old Vedic teaching and exactly designed to eliminate all our sufferings and problems.


Hey there, this is Nanda Kondagunta a Transformation, Fulfillment, Happiness, Spiritual, Enlightenment, Life and Ultimate Mindset Coach. I coach entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, highly successful people, millionaires, billionaires or anyone struggling with stress, burnout, fear, anxiety and are dissatisfied and unfulfilled; how to feel the spark of energy and happiness by removing their suffering without struggle so that they can enjoy their business, life, relationships, play full out and enjoy every moment of life no matter what the circumstance and even it seems impossible right now. Due to financial and personal setbacks when my company went down due to my partner ditching it, My health was deeply affected by stress, burnout, fear, dissatisfaction and unfulfillment. I had a heart attack and had to undergo quadruple bypass surgery. The doctor told me that I need to control my stress. I have been trying to do that all the time. I was doing exercising, running, yoga, yogic breathing, hypnosis, mindfulness, relaxing, taking time out, etc. Also, I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on all kinds of self-help and personal development gurus. I read all the latest books on self-help and personal development. But I found that all these solutions, techniques and strategies had only a limited impact. They gave only temporary relief. It is not their fault they don’t know. I had to do them every day and had fallen into hamster wheel with no solution in sight. And suddenly one day I came across a 7,000-year-old Vedic teaching and a teacher who knew exactly how to teach it. I was totally transformed. I went from stress, burnout, fear, dissatisfaction and unfulfillment to security, peace, happiness, bliss, fulfillment, ultimate mindset, ultimate freedom and limitless energy for life. And I have been experiencing it for every moment since then. My health is great. No worries, no fears, and no problems in life. For those who have experienced it no words are needed and for those who haven’t experienced it no words will do. And the beauty of this teaching is you have to do it only once and never have to go back to it. It is like graduating from high school. Once you are done, you are done. I have created the Transformational Success Formula Coaching based on this 7,000-year-old Vedic teaching. With all the uncertainty, pandemic, economy, job market, future, and uncertain times that we are living in we need a totally different approach to solving our problems. We need to be free of the problems. You too can experience security, peace, happiness, bliss, fulfillment, ultimate mindset, ultimate freedom, and limitless energy for life. It is possible to have a great life, great business or career, great relationships. Transformational Success Formula Coaching can help.

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