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What allows us to own and operate so many service businesses simultaneously and take 4-5 months off, is that business is a formula. When you have the formula in place, then you don’t have to be at the business.
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Topic 1

Doubling current lead flow month over month

Topic 3

How to effectively manage your employees

Topic 5

Explode profits

Topic 2

Simple easy-to-implement, no-cost strategies to instantly add cash flow

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Generate more leads

Suggested Questions

Question 1

What is true business freedom?

Question 3

What allows you to take 4-5 months away from your businesses and they are still there when you get back?

Question 5

How to make your Market Dominating Message so compelling that people line up to do business with you?

Question 7

Are you Financially Free and have enough passive income to pay for your desired lifestyle?

Question 9

How do you find good employees and KEEP them?

Question 2

How did you run six multi-million dollar companies all at the same time?

Question 4

How can business owners create guaranteed wealth?

Question 6

Can you look at your Profit and Loss Statement and know immediately if an employee is stealing from you?

Question 8

How does an auto mechanic go from $1100.00 to paying cash for a ranch that is over a million dollars?

Question 10

What is a Business Builders Focus Group?

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Husband and wife team Jerry Kezhaya and Dr. Laura Shwaluk owned and operated not one, but six highly profitable businesses simultaneously. 

The multi-million-dollar Express Exterior Car Wash business and 7-figure chiropractor business NTC Health and Fitness have been sold. Currently they still own and operate The Auto Shop (since 1981), and a 100% occupied retail shopping center, which when purchased, was only 11 percent occupied. They also own the Texas Wine Posse, which Jerry describes as “a hobby out of control.” In addition to wine accessories, they have their own wine label and bottle their own wine.

Jerry and Laura’s most recent passions are a quarter section ranch in Texas with a 6000 square foot home, paid for with cash, and Business Builders Mentor and Mastermind, which is their coaching and mentoring group, They quickly grew Business Builders to six-figures in just two years, teaching business owners how to own a business that gives true freedom.

So, if you’re sick and tired of marketing that doesn’t work, lackluster sales and inadequate revenue, then join our hosts Jerry Kezhaya and Dr Laura Shwaluk every Tuesday. 

Even more impressive is that Jerry and Laura have done more than make a lot of money. They’ve discovered how to create real freedom. Taking an impressive four to five months off a year, every year, for the last seven years. With one business that would be incredible: multiply that by six businesses, and we’re sure you’ll agree, it makes sense to pay attention to every word they have to say.