Lanell Beckles

The Lazy Biohacker Who Wants Everyone To Do Less And Get More. I Make The 1st Steps To A Good Body Easy.


You don't have to beat yourself into submission to get a body you're truly proud of. You can find the sustainable method to body transformation through Occam's Fitness. The audience will learn tips to get a healthy body outside of the traditional method of hard workouts and restrictive dieting. Also, your audience will hear biohacks that can save them time on their way to an amazing body.


Lanell Beckles is a certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist from NSCA and has worked with everyone from Olympians to professional athletes and more. He’s trained multiple collegiate sports teams from volleyball to field hockey. He’s also been mentored by some of the best strength coaches in the world from the late Charles Poliquin to Preston Greene, David Lawrence, and Ben Prentiss. During those times, he gained knowledge in metabolism, body composition, and nutrition to help people change their body. His life changed when he partnered with Adam Lyons and founded Occam’s Fitness, which had a successful 6-figure launch. He now helps entrepreneurs learn to hack their biology, while growing their business. He lives in Bastrop, Texas.

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