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I can speak on a variety of topics: Podcasting, Building Platforms & Creating Content, Making A Life Not a Living, Co-marketing, Creating Relationships, Community


Jennifer Palmer born in Calgary, AB Canada; has lived in Houston, Texas, Banff, AB and Dewinton, AB, and Okotoks, AB. In that order. I’ve always come home to Calgary. Jennifer worked through High School, at the Drive-in and in restaurants. After High School she helped run a cafe in Banff, AB. That was her first entrepreneur experience it was a short one. She was back in Calgary, working in hotels until in 1992. That summer she was placed by a temporary agency, as a receptionist, with a financial planning firm. In September, she became a full time employee. That begain her 18 years in the financial services industry. In 2005, she became an independent financial advisor and that lasted 5 years. In that time she was again an entrepreuner, as she was building her own business. There were so many hats to wear and she was a new Mom. Most of her time was spent consulting other families building businesses and raising families. Many hours of networking, trade shows and marketing online has evolved. Forever a student there has been so much growth. She learn how to create and build platforms and utilize marketing assets. In 2019 podcasting seemed like the next best thing to add to her platforms. That’s when the interviews began. When Jennifer is not Producing Podcasts or Building Platforms she is reading, writing and spending time with her family and pets. She loves the mountains, music and painting. She is looking forward to traveling again soon.

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Why do you believe in multiple platforms vs one?

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