Jenell Jones, a veteran of solo RV travel, helps fellow travelers navigate the challenges and amplify the joys of this unique lifestyle. Her mission is to empower others to explore the open road with confidence, companionship, and a sense of purpose. Through her firsthand experiences, thoughtful guidance, and a supportive RV community, Jenell has become a go-to resource for the solo RV traveler. Her vast experience includes logging over 36,000 miles in two years, visiting 41 out of 62 National Parks, leading groups of RVers on exciting expeditions, and successfully operating a dedicated RV Club for solo travelers. Jenell's ultimate goal is to enable the dream of fulfilling, adventurous solo RV travel to become a reality for more individuals. Through her work and guidance, she hopes to inspire and enable others to take the leap into this enriching lifestyle. She brings a valuable perspective on the RV lifestyle, tiny living, solo travel, women's empowerment.


Jenell Jones is a seasoned solo RV traveler, taking to the open road with enthusiasm and purpose. With her hands firmly on the wheel of a 36-foot RV, Jenell is no stranger to the challenges and joys of solo RV travel. Since 2019, she has been exploring the highways and byways of the United States, covering over 36,000 miles and visiting 41 out of the 62 National Parks. Her adventures have taken her to 49 states, from South Florida to Alaska by way of California, and everywhere in between. As the CEO of a 35-year-old RV travel club dedicated to solo travelers, Jenell has spent years fostering a supportive community. This community, combined with her firsthand experience, allows her to provide thoughtful guidance and resources to fellow solo RV travelers. Jenell is well-versed in tackling the practical aspects of RV travel, such as itinerary planning and destination selection. However, she also understands the more personal challenges faced by solo travelers, including loneliness and anxiety. Her mission is to help others navigate these issues and carve out their own fulfilling lives on the open road. Her unique approach extends to more unconventional strategies, like owning a single bathing suit to alleviate decision fatigue and anxiety, exemplifying her hands-on understanding of the lifestyle. Beyond her traveling and community-building efforts, Jenell is also an articulate advocate for the solo RV lifestyle. Her experiences and insights have been published and featured in various media outlets, earning her a reputation as an expert voice in the field. In a bid to inspire more individuals, particularly women, to take up the RV lifestyle, Jenell declared June 9th as National RV Women Day, an initiative that is currently awaiting official recognition. Her ultimate goal is to enable more people to transition from dreamers and doubters into confident explorers, transforming the dream of adventurous solo RV travel into a reality. Through all her endeavors, Jenell Jones remains committed to amplifying the joys of solo RV travel and helping fellow travelers explore with confidence, companionship, and a profound sense of purpose.

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