Liliane Fortna

I help people who want to connect with their Higher Spirits learn how to open their awareness and see, interpret and use the signs and synchronicities surrounding us by using my simple, practical tools that lead to a richer, joyful life.


Liliane has a warm, witty approach to life that always shines through in her conversations. Her message is powerful, yet she conveys it in a gentle, personal way. She is never judgmental or negative in her description of people or events, and she always searches for the lesson to be learned rather than the pain that might be experienced.


Liliane has been a professional contemporary dancer (performing in both Europe and the US), European fashion model, fashion consultant, Amazon rain forest explorer, wife, mother, grandmother, energy healer, consciousness explorer, artist and most recently, a multiple bestselling author.

Despite suffering a very difficult childhood involving painful abuse and rejection, she overcame adversity through her close alignment with the spiritual world. Being highly intuitive, she has received assistance from her Guides and Angels to both help carry her through some tremendously difficult and frightful events, as well as to guide her to some amazing accomplishments.

Throughout her life, Liliane has always felt compelled to help others. In 2008, she decided to focus solely on this and became an Energy Healer. She has since successfully helped both men and women face and work through difficult physical and emotional situations, enabling them to   feel more confident and joyful about themselves.

In her memoire/self-help book, Winks from Above, Liliane has been able to reach a broader audience and help them rediscover their innate gift of communicating with their Guides and Angels to create a better, richer, and happier life.And in her second book, the anthology Turning Point Moments, Liliane helps readers see painful challenges as powerful opportunities to become more resilient, open and hopeful.

Born in Hanoi, Vietnam, Liliane is French-Vietnamese.  She grew up in France and subsequently lived in Europe, Asia, and the United States. She has a degree in English Literature and is fluent in French and English.

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Explain "Spirit Guides and Angels".

Explain "higher awareness".

Explain the difference between "Spiritual" and "Religious".

Explain your approach to increasing "awareness".

Explain how this approach is applicable to anyone who might be interested.

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What do you mean by “Spirit Guides and Angels”?

What do you mean by “higher awareness”?

Have you always been “connected” to these Guides and Angels?

Who do you feel is your audience?

Why should people listen to your message?

What do you mean by "Energy Healer"? And what does this NOT include?

Does everyone have the ability to "sense" these energies? Are there different ways in which to sense them?

Are we born with this "awareness" or do we have to learn it?

What techniques or processes do you offer to help people increase their "awareness"?

What should someone expect to take away from your training?